This web page was produced as an
assignment for bioinformatics at Samford.

Hello and welcome to Samford Bioinformatics!

This site was created to better explain what bioinformatics entails to anyone interested, whether you’re a student looking for an compelling class or simply browsing.

A very brief intro:

Bioinformatics is an area of science dealing with genomics, proteomics, and computer science. When looking at the large amounts of data associated with genomics and proteomics, we often find that computer programs can greatly improve our ability to obtain, visualize, and compare data. In an area of science where so much data is literally at your fingertips, you merely need to be willing to invest your time and knowledge to get started.

There are many tasks that a bioinformatics researcher may perform. A couple of which are predicting a protein’s structure from it’s amino acid sequence or performing an experiment using DNA microarrays to find single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, which are described later). I have provided some images below to give you some mental pictures to associate with bioinformatics. Directly below you’ll see a 3-D representation of a human hemoglobin’s protein structure followed by an image of a microarray tile.

Human Hemoglobin (NCBI 2011)
(To learn more about 3-D structures please visit the Applications page.)
Microarray Tile

Microarray Tile (NNF 2011)

(To learn more about microarrays, please visit the Explore page, and click on the mircoarray video link.)

I hope that you find this site succinct yet engaging. If you’re ready to get started, then please visit the Bioinformatics page next.

24 February 2011

Contact: jlboatwr@samford.edu

Biology 306

Samford University


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